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Teeth Whitening Tijuana

teeth-whitening-tijuanaHaving a bright and white smile is a demand that only keeps growing in our day and age. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the entertainment industry, you can gain surprising advantages in your life by achieving a radiant smile. At Tijuana Clinic of Cosmetic Dentistry we can help whiten your teeth with proven and effective methods.

Teeth stains are an unfortunate fact of life. The foods you eat, the beverages you drink, they all work in tandem to put your teeth at risk. But fear not, technology has advanced in ways that enable us to whiten your teeth without adversely affecting your tooth structure.

Many whitening methods are similar to each other in concept. The efficacy of the method has to do with the concentration of the whitening material and the way in which it is delivered to your teeth. Over-the-counter methods tend to be inadequate and not as concentrated as professional methods, yielding unsatisfactory results in most cases.

Tijuana Clinic of Cosmetic Dentistry offers two methods of professional teeth whitening: tray whitening and in-office whitening. A tray whitening procedure will require an impression to be taken and a custom tray made for you. A supply of whitening gel to put in the tray will be given to you and they tray should be worn for a few hours each day until desirable results are achieved.

In-office whitening is the most time efficient way of whitening your teeth. There are a number of different types of methods, each with very similar processes involved. Ideal candidates can have their teeth noticeably whiter in one session, achieving remarkable results.

Having a celebrity caliber smile is not as elusive as you might think. We can help you improve the color of your teeth by shades in only a short amount of time. Ditch the costly and ineffective over-the-counter remedies that deliver sub-par results. Put your money and time to better use with Tijuana Clinic of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Contact Tijuana Clinic of Cosmetic Dentistry for more information. We’ll construct an innovative and practical plan to whiten your teeth today. We’ll assess your goals and ambitions and help you reach them in no time.

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Dr. Shirley Baker, and the rest of our expert team at Tijuana Clinic for Cosmetic Dentistry look forward to helping repair and restore your smile. To learn more about teeth whitening and how it can benefit you, call our office to make an appointment with us today.