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Dentist Chula Vista

dentist chula vistaTCC Dentistry is home to many different types of treatments, which vary according to the condition or concern affecting your smile. Every smile needs a schedule of regular check-ups, cleanings, and professional exams. You can schedule an appointment with your Chula Vista dentist and evaluate for any conditions or issues that may inhibit your smile in the future.

Dr. Shirley Baker, DDS has a number of services under her repertoire. These include dental exams, teeth whitening, veneers, TMJ, nightguards, cosmetic dentistry, and more. Regular visits should be scheduled twice per year to fully receive the benefits of having a dentist you can depend on. Dr. Baker is more than happy to provide detailed analysis of her procedures and ensure you have full information on the particular treatment you are having.

Regular cleanings and exams allows us to diagnose problems early and develop comprehensive treatment solutions.

We are conveniently located in an easy-to-find area and accept patients in and around the community. To experience excellent general and cosmetic dental care, call our office today and schedule a consultation.