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Will I need to be evaluated down there or can estimates be given or can they be given from x-rays or treatment plans?

An estimate can be given for individual procedures but a complete diagnosis can only be given during the consultation. For some procedures, such as implants, a panoramic X-Ray or CT scan is required prior to the initial consultation. This X-Ray may allow the specialist to make some initial treatment decisions.

Do you take Insurance?

We can provide information to insurance plans that accept retroactive reimbursement.

What are your certifications?  ADA?  Mexico Board Certified?

Yes, we are ADA and AACD certified as well as Mexican Board Certified.

What additional training have you done?

Dr. Shirley Baker and her staff regularly participate in forums and seminars in order to learn about new developments in dentistry. Additionally, Dr. Shirley Baker has undergone further coursework through UCSF in San Francisco.

Where did you receive your training and licenses?

Please visit this link to learn more about us and our doctors.

Do you have specialists for root canals, implants, or crowns?

Yes, we employ specialists for every dental discipline.

If you have specialists in certain areas, can you please tell me their qualifications, as well?

Please visit this link to learn more about us and our doctors.

Is the water used filtered and tested?

Yes, of course!

What sterilization, safety, and emergency protocols are in place?

We use the exact same types of sterilization equipment and protocols you will find in U.S. medical practices.

What materials do you use for crowns and implants?

We offer every material option available for crowns and implants.

Where do you get your materials from? Are they up to American standards?

We order our materials from US and international brand-name sources.

How many implants have you put in?

Our specialist has been placing implants full-time for the last ten years.

Do you do All on 4, All on 6, or All on 8?

Yes, we offer every standard treatment option.

Where do you do your lab work?

We use the highest quality labs in the U.S. and Mexico.

Is your work guaranteed?

Yes. If your restoration or treatment fails due to materials or workmanship, we will redo it at no or minimal cost to you.

What happens if I have complications?

We follow standard dental protocols. You may return to our offices if necessary, or we can recommend a course of treatment as needed.

How is follow-up work provided?

This is a case-dependent question. Any follow-ups are generally automatically included in the original treatment plan. If further follow-ups are needed for a procedure we will provide them complimentary.

Do you have clients I can see reviews from?

Click here for more reviews. Our reviews are gleaned from 3rd party sources.

Do you have clients in California I may contact?

We cannot share any information about our clientele due to ethical concerns and our adherence to HIPAA.

What are your price ranges for crowns, implants, extractions, Fillings?

Crowns begin at $590 for high-quality metal free monolithic Zirconia, Implants start at $1000 for titanium, extractions $120,  composite fillings are $100-160 depending on the size (surfaces) of the cavity.

Do you give any discounts for large jobs? Teachers? Families? Other?

We offer a 5% discount for cash.

Will you work with me to make a plan that may take some time to complete?

Yes, we have undertaken many full-mouth reconstructions.

What support can you give to medical tourists? Hotel? Transportation?

Please visit our webpage here.

How should I proceed from here?


We offer free transportation to and from the border. Additionally we offer Medical Passes if you are driving over the border which allow you to cross with no wait time.

We are located in an upscale district of Tijuana within a secure corporate high-rise. While our clinic offers discounted pricing in comparison to the U.S., we are primarily competitive through the quality of our brands, materials and work, and not pricing alone. There is a market for the cheapest possible dental treatment in Tijuana, but we believe that our work standards should not lower in order to offer inferior brands, and materials for lower prices.

Hours are Monday-Friday 9-5 and Saturday 9-3. We accept all major credit cards, PayPal and U.S. currency.

Simply email or call and we’ll find a place on our schedule for you.

Email us: tdentalspa@gmail.com

Phone: (619) 971-2297