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Dental Tourism Tijuana

dental tourism tijuanaTijuana Clinic for Cosmetic Dentistry services patients traveling from across the world. The process of dental tourism can be complicated, but the team at our Tijuana practice is trained and experienced to help you manage that. We are dedicated to creating a comfortable, non-problematic experience for all of our patients coming from abroad or the U.S.

Our clinic is located in an accessible and convenient area. This is one of the safest and wealthiest neighborhoods in Tijuana. We are not too far from the border and are adjacent to the Centro Cultural Tijuana and Plaza Rio shopping Center.

Our dental tourism services also include transportation for visiting patients. Call us to arrange a pick-up before you cross the border. For those that wish to drive on their own, we will provide directions and the best routes.

Once you reach the area where our practice is located, you have plenty of accommodations to choose from. Hotels adjacent to us include City Express, Hotel Lucerna, Hotel la Villa de Zaragoza, and Hotel Real Inn.

For additional information about our dental tourism services, please call us today.