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Cosmetic Dentistry Portfolio

Dental Veneers Tijuana

❀ Cosmetic Transformations by Dr. Shirley Baker DDS ❀

You can achieve truly transformative results with E-Max porcelain veneers

A natural looking beautiful smile

Correcting for discoloration

Note the precision in the corners and edges

E-Max veneers have high translucency and brilliance

Correction for alignment and gaps

Fixing a large gap

Worn edges and discoloration

Over time even a good smile will show signs of wear and tear

Severely worn teeth are repaired

Teeth lengthened with veneers

Many large gaps filled in

Old restoration replaced with modern natural-looking materials

Precision craftsmanship from the dental lab

A few subtle changes can add up to an all new smile

Correcting the incisal edge

Discoloration gone

Nice and straight, yet natural

An incomparable result

New confidence unlocked

You have control over your appearance

Isolated teeth brought together

A perfect result even for wider smiles