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Veneers Tijuana

veneers-tijuana If you are looking to correct minor imperfections, or simply want a perfect smile to improve your appearance and self confidence, veneers are an excellent option. You can have the size, shape, and color of teeth you want, customized to your specifications with the help of computer technology.

Veneers require a slight removal of the natural tooth to be placed properly, typically about half a millimeter. This allows the veneer to be bonded to the tooth without jutting out or causing irritation. With proper application and care, veneers may last anywhere from 10-30 years.

Modern technology allows us to create veneers and other dental restorations faster than ever before. We are able to offer our patients next day veneers.

We also offer Lumineers, a brand-name of no-prep veneers. Thinner than most other veneers, Lumineers require almost no removal of the natural tooth structure. They are not as easily customized as other styles of veneer, but they do have advantages of their own. Placing them takes only 2 visits, and they can last up to a decade.

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Dr. Shirley Baker is a cosmetic dentist in Tijuana, Mexico. Her exceptional work attracts patients from the United States and Canada. To get a beautiful smile with the best restorations available, make an appointment with Tijuana Clinic for Cosmetic Dentistry today.