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Dental Crowns and Bridges

Monolithic Zirconia

BruxZir Zirconia Dental Bridge and Crown from Glidewell Dental Labs


Dental crowns and bridges offer a way to replace weak, damaged, or missing teeth with beautiful and functional precision-crafted restorations. A crown or a bridge are a type of dental restoration that replaces the damaged visible area of your tooth or teeth. They are created from monolithic zirconia, a material that is stronger and harder than porcelain, but offers all of the aesthetic advantages of porcelain. A bridge is a series of dental crowns that are fused together, allowing the restoration to replace missing teeth by anchoring to the existing healthy teeth. Just two appointments between 3 to 7 days apart can provide a life-altering transformation to your appearance and health.


Do I need a crown or a bridge?

Before after dental crowns and bridge

A restoration with crowns and bridges

You may need a crown or bridge if:

Decay is present that cannot be fixed with a composite filling

You are missing teeth

As a cosmetic restoration if the tooth is damaged or discolored

To restore a tooth after a root canal

In conjunction with veneers for aesthetic restorations






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