Tooth Restoration

Tooth Restoration

Root Canal, Post, Core Buildup, Crown

Appointment 1

Initially a complete tooth restoration will begin with a root canal procedure performed by the Endodontist specialist. This involves removing the nerve of the tooth and filling the tooth canals with gutta-percha, a substance derived from natural sources. As well, if the root and surrounding area of the tooth is infected then medication will be placed in the root and left for a week or more in order to kill any harmful bacteria present.

However, if the root canal is uninfected, Dr. Baker will consequently prep the tooth for a crown right away. In some cases a post will be placed in the root canal in order to stabilize the tooth structure. Finally, a build up will be created as a foundation onto which will be placed a new crown.
Impressions will be taken of the tooth preparation and the surrounding occlusion. This impression will then be sent to a lab where a new tooth will be prepared. Consequently, Dr. Baker will  craft a temporary crown to fill the gap in the meantime.

Appointment 2

If you’ve had a medicated root canal then this appointment is to finish and seal the root canal. Also, if you are to have a crown done to restore the tooth, it will then be prepared as stated above and impressions will be sent to the lab.

If you had a simple root canal then we have already received the new crown back from the lab. Dr. Baker will remove the temporary crown and seat the new crown will permanent cement. She will then make adjustments, removing any high spots to ensure a proper bite. Your tooth restoration is complete!

Associated Costs:

Root Canal (simple): $360
Root Canal (Medicated): $410
Fiberglass post: $140
Tooth prep and build up: $80
Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM) Crown: $380
All porcelain crown (E-Max): $480
BruxZir zirconia crown with a 7 year warranty: $560

Total cost: $810 – $1,190

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